Pitching Limitation Suggestions

Do you ever watch a game and wonder, "Why is he changing pitchers?"  Well, I'm sure many of you are curious as to the methods of our madness, but trust me...there are methods.  The MABF does NOT put a limit on pitches thrown by pitchers, but Coach Showers and I are very aware of pitch counts for the boys.  If I have a choice between blowing a kids arm out for a win or maintaining a strong arm for a loss, it's not even a question.  There might be times during the season where you think someone is throwing great...so why take him out?  Our number one job as coaches is to look out for the well being of every single player, and we will do everything we can to win while still protecting the boys arms.

With this being said, all games and players present a slightly different situation and the guidelines are not set in stone.  Often times we will take into account the weather and obviously pitcher performance, as well as other factors such as who we will need to pitch in future games.  I've always told parents from day one...not every decision that is made by a coach will work out, but I can guarantee that we think everything through very carefully before making a decision.

Below is a list of recommended pitch counts at each age level with another chart for suggested number of rest days.  We will adhere to this as much as possible.

Suggested Pitch Counts
Age Pitches/Game Games/Week
8 to 10 52 2
11 and 12 68 2
13 and 14 76 2
15 and 16 97 2
17 and 18 106 2


Minimum Days Off After Pitching
  1 Day Rest 2 Days Rest 3 Days Rest 4 Days Rest
Age Number of pitches Thrown
8 to 10 21 34 43 51
11 and 12 27 35 55 58
13 and 14 30 36 56 70
15 and 16 25 38 62 77
17 and 18 27 45 62 89